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Now this is what I wanna do
This is what I wanna be
I wanna be happy       
I wanna be healthy
I wanna be rich
and I wouldn't mind if I was famous
But mostly, I wanna be free

Don't want anybody sayin''
I can't be
Who I wanna be
If God made me
and Put me on this earth
and God Gave me
a little piece

and I so clearly see
just what He Gave to me
the right to be free

so don't tell me
don't try to tell me
how its gonna be
Cuz I can see as clearly as anybody.
bells are ringing
and you can join me
and make the world a better place
and if you don't then that's ok
but don't look at my face
cuz I claimed my place
Its with the people that I love
who work hard to stay free
and there's nothin in the world
that anyone can say
that will ever sway me away
from my belief  

You can't take your country for granted
You're blessed because you've landed
Landed in the home of the free and brave
Now this is what I wanna do...
This is what I wanna be
I wanna be free.