These questions are designed to help potential customers get a 'snapshot' of you and/or your group(s). Please provide as much or as little info as you can or desire. There are no set requirements, but rather guidelines. However, customers will be able to see your answers and will be allowed to compare them to those of other groups or individual musicians. I will never charge you any money for listing your info, and you can change/update your info at any time by filling out this form again and mentioning somewhere in the form that this replaces a previous submission. 

PLEASE NOTE: To make this a more successful referral business, I am considering bringing other musicians into the process of re-designing this type of service to make it a cooperative venture versus a top-down business model. Please join the process by offering your suggestions on how you feel this would best be administered, in order to best serve the interests of professional musicians at the New England Musicians Collaborative Facebook page.

As you have filled out the answers to these questions... if you feel you would like to share any thoughts please tell me... if thinking about the answers to any of these questions has helped in anyway to focus your own strategies or thoughts about how you organize your musical performance business...

If you would like to, please fill out the poll below. Since this is new referral service, I am open to suggestions and welcome your input. 

Thanks for voting!

Do you think musicians should vote on a board to determine who gets a gig (in a different territory from your own, of course). This would mean musicians would see others' interview info!

Yes. I believe in musician participation 1
No. I think the company should make all the decisions 0
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