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Young Pianists

The Music Tree Time to Begin ACTIVITIES This is the very first book for young students of piano. Here they can learn all about music, piano, how to read notes, while having fun with two animal friends! Time to Begin Activities is colorful, cheerful and a delight for students to complete either at the lesson or at home. Activities reinforce reading, rhythm and theory introduced in Time to Begin. Each unit includes at least one game-like activity. As students near the grand staff, note names direction and intervals become an integrated activity. This book is used together with the Time to Begin student book.
TIME TO BEGIN, the cornerstone of the MUSIC TREE series, is a unique and highly effective approach to beginning piano instruction. Starting with off-staff notation, it leads the student to reading direction and intervals, and climaxes with the discovery of the Grand Staff. Also included is a carefully designed program of rhythm, technic and creative work. The recording features electronic renditions of the music: it offers the accompaniment alone, or both the student's and teacher's parts. The TEACHER'S HANDBOOK is an invaluable tool. This volume contains essays regarding how students learn, on technic, and how rhythm is presented. Teaching aspects are discussed, and suggestions are offered for each unit of the book.

Funtime, Chordtime, Showtime

for Adult Pianists

Of Special Interest to Piano Teachers

Some of the available music and piano instructional series include;

  • the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library series
  • Willis Music Publications
  • Faber Piano Adventures
  • Songbooks & Repertoire
  • Instruction & Technique Books
  • Stylistic Instruction
  • Teaching Resources (flashcards, etc.)

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search and print top quality sheet music here.

search and print top quality sheet music here.

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Print high quality sheet music directly from this site

Print high quality sheet music directly from this site