I'm a violinist. You might say a classical violinist. But I was a boy who listened to rock & jazz all night long.

 I sang in choruses and played in bands, orchestras and jazz groups.

As a pro, I've backed up people that I grew up listening to. My writing is flavored by my Jewish culture and the music of America... funk, rock, pop, rap, blues, bluegrass, country, honky tonk, classical music & jazz & R&B. My lyrics reflect current events both external and internal... my life as a musician and as a husband, a father and a teacher and a concerned citizen of the world & my personal battle between the life of a 'classical' musician in a Rock n Roll World.  

More new arrangements and originals 

This is just a sample. In the next few days, most of the large catalog of musical arrangements and compositions I've written will be available on this site. Over 143 products & more coming on line every month! Popular songs arranged for strings! 


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