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Opus Magnanimous, History of the Universe

Episode 6 Plato & Cosmology & Quantum Theory 

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Here are the subjects I discussed & music I've written inspired by these topics tonight.

Opus Magnanimous. History of the Cosmos in MUSIC by Harris Shilakowsky 

What is Plato's view on the cosmos? 

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Episode 5 The First True Cosmologist & the Mother of the Hubble 

600 BCE 

Anaximander, c. 610 – c. 546 BC the first (true) cosmologist  


‐ pre‐Socratic philosopher from Miletus, Ionia ‐ Nature ruled by natural laws ‐ Apeiron (boundless, infinite, indefinite), that out of which the universe originates • the…

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Episode 2 Ancient Mesopotamia to Space Telescopes 

The gods of Ancient Mesopotamia and their associated planets are introduced. We discuss the difference between 'pure science' and 'vernacular science'. We meet Ed Dwight, the first black NASA astronaut and discover his struggles with Chuck Yaeger, then experience a…

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Episode 1 June 19, 2022 Lookin in. Lookin Out. 

I’m Harris Shilakowsky, and I’m a professional violinist by training. About a year ago, while teaching strings in a public school system, inspired by listening to podcast programs like the Planetary Society,  I came up with an idea. I would…

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