Episode #1 Opus Magnanimous, the Podcast  

I’m Harris Shilakowsky, and I’m a professional violinist by training. About a year ago, while teaching strings in a public school system, inspired by listening to podcast programs like the Planetary Society,  I came up with an idea. I would write musical pieces that would represent different elements, since I’d been learning about how stellar objects were created. I figured I could write music that captured the character of each chemical element, then continue composing music that would take these musical elements and musically fuse them together in a way representing the way galaxies were created early in the history of the cosmos. I told one of my 5th grade violin students about this idea and she was excited to hear the elements brought to life, since she was just then learning about the elements in her class in science!  

As I began creating some early musical sketches, I decided I really wanted to expand the whole concept and write a piece that would tell the story of the history of our cosmos, beginning as far back as scientists have established theories…and maybe beyond that! 

This is a HUGE (magnanimous) project that I expect will take multiple years, since the universe as we know it, was created almost 14 billion years ago.

As we listen to the music representing these historically interesting subjects, I’ll tell you a bit about the people, their lives and struggles and successes…and failures. You can tell me if you believe I’ve captured some of these. If you become a member, I’ll respond personally to your comments.  

Many of the pieces of music are excerpts from the complete works, to give you an idea of what the music sounds like. If you would like to hear the complete works and to hear as the new editions are completed and recorded, you’ll also be able to hear that and more interesting discussions about related subjects as a member or subscriber. 

In each audio podcast episode, I’ll include a 

Current events focus

where we'll learn about late breaking news in the search for the best explanations for the mysteries of the universe.


talk about how music is created and what it is meant to convey or represent.